Kubuntu on IBM Thinkpad

Jens Mayer kubuntu at jensmayer.de
Sun Nov 12 23:43:32 UTC 2006

* On Sunday 12 November 2006 18:36, Lord Sauron wrote:
> Driven from Gentoo by fear of having to recompile everything all the
> time?  Heh... me too.  

Yup, sort of - at least on my Thinkpad. Too much torture for my poor baby when 
emerging heavy weight champions like KDE or Qt. I'm still happy with Gentoo 
on my desktop box, nevertheless. My router/fileserver runs Debian since 
ages. ;-)

> Well, Gentoo is more efficient than Kubuntu by the very nature of it.
> It's using binaries that are custom-fit to your laptop.  Kubuntu uses
> less fine-tuned binaries, and thus uses more juice.

I doubt that this is the reason for my fan spinning up more often - Windows 
binaries aren't custom-fit to my thinkpad, either. But I'll keep my eyes open 
to find a "more elegant solution". Maybe it needs a little kernel tweaking, 
I'm still on Kubuntu's generic one - it does a pretty good job yet.

> > While Kubuntu's Kmilo looks better than plain old 'xosd', it just displays
> > Volume changes - the other buttons work, but are not causing KMilo to act.

The solution to this problem was installing 'kmilo-legacy', which adds 
Thinkpad and Sony-Vaio support to KDE's control center.

Volume, Brightness and Thinklight changes are now displayed via Kmilo's OSD,  
my "Access IBM" button is configurable and working, too. Volume adjustments 
show up some strange behaviour now, not being in synch with KMix's levels. 
Will look at this another time.

> > -> What's the "Kubutu Way" to get Function-Buttons like Fn-F4 to suspend
> > or Fn-F12 to hibernate to work? In Gentoo, I hacked myself some
> > ACPI-scripts, but maybe this is integrated somewhere else in Kubuntu?

I solved this following the workaround found at:


The HAL based Kubuntu Powermanagemet solution seems to work much more reliable 
than scripting around in /etc/acpi/. I hope this will be integrated into 
Kpowersave soon.

Thanks and kind regards,

Now that I have my "APPLE", I comprehend COST ACCOUNTING!!

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