Kubuntu on IBM Thinkpad

Jens Mayer kubuntu at jensmayer.de
Sun Nov 12 16:04:12 UTC 2006

Dear all,

being a long-time Gentoo user, I gave Kubuntu 6.10 on my Thinkpad T41p a try,  
and I'm quite impressed - nearly everything worked out of the box (including  
suspend and hibernate and experimental DRI with the r300 driver). 

A few questions remain:

-> CPU-Fan: Using Gentoo, the Fan only turned on a few times when not having a 
huge system load - now it's running most of the time. I have ibm_acpi loaded  
(v0.12a), "Dynamic Clocks" configured in Xorg and 'powernowd' installed, so 
the CPU is mostly on 600MHz. Where's the difference I'm looking for? Any 
ideas? 'rovclock' to downclock my ATI graphics card is not a solution to me, 
since it's static and not load driven.

-> KMilo / OSD: Using Gentoo, I installed and configured 'tpb' and 'xosd' to  
get an "On Screen Display" for Volume, Brightness and Thinklight switching.  
While Kubuntu's Kmilo looks better than plain old 'xosd', it just displays  
Volume changes - the other buttons work, but are not causing KMilo to act. Is 
there a way to configure KMilo this way (it hasn't an entry in KDE's control 
center), or do I have to switch to 'tpb/xosd'?

-> What's the "Kubutu Way" to get Function-Buttons like Fn-F4 to suspend or 
Fn-F12 to hibernate to work? In Gentoo, I hacked myself some ACPI-scripts, 
but maybe this is integrated somewhere else in Kubuntu? After all I'd like to 
call the very same script KDE's Power Manager calls (maybe via DCOP?), since 
it just works and I want to keep things consistent. 

-> Grub (strange and very low priority): Grub's frame around it's menu seems 
to be bigger or centered vertically in a different way to my former Gentoo 
installation. My Grub menu doesn't fit to my background image anymore (or 
even the Kubuntu/Ubuntu stock images), since it's overlapping the areas on 
the background picture. Anyone has a clue on this?

Thank you and kind regards, 

When the government bureau's remedies don't match your problem, you modify
the problem, not the remedy.

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