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D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at rosegardenmusic.com
Sun Nov 12 04:57:45 UTC 2006

On Saturday 11 November 2006 9:57 pm, Michael Satterwhite wrote:

> I do appreciate your help, but I need a little more here.
> As always, thanks much.

Actually, what is it... alsaconf?  I think it's alsaconf.

It's not part of Kubuntu that I can see...  Hrm.  I give up.  Hell.  Here.  
It's just a bash script.  I've fished it off my last remaining Debian box and 
attached it to this message.

Save as ~/alsaconf


sudo sh ~/alsaconf

That should do it.  No idea if it will work its magic (it's old) but it's 
worth a whack.  I seem to recall using this to good effect on some box I 
fiddled with recently (within the last six months or so.)

D. Michael McIntyre 

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