Image viewer question

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Sat Nov 11 18:32:39 UTC 2006

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Saturday 11 November 2006 8:23 am, Nigel Ridley wrote:
>> Is there a similar app out there that will do what kuickshow could do?
> So far as I know, the disappearance of Kuickshow is strictly a Kubuntu thing.  
> There are lots of "where is Kuickshow?" hits on google, and they all seem to 
> have Kubuntu in them somewhere.
> They want you to switch to Gwenview.
> This was one of the reasons I kept running Debian on my own boxes for so long, 
> even though I had long since migrated all my users to Kubuntu.  In the end, I 
> wound up getting used to using Gwenview on other people's machines, and when 
> I eventually migrated to Kubuntu myself, I decided to just go with the flow, 
> and switch to Gwenview myself.
> Kuickshow was faster, and smarter in many ways, but OTOH Gwenview has one big 
> advantage, in that you can just rename a file you're looking at, instead of 
> having to Save As the file with a useful name.  It's kind of a wash whether 
> it's worth any bother to restore Kuickshow.
I noticed in qwenview that there are some 'plugins'. I have some 
installed but the 'Plugins > Effects' is grayed out. What package 
supplies these plugins?





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