edgy update notifier problem

Dave S kubuntu at pusspaws.net
Fri Nov 10 21:26:54 UTC 2006

On Friday 10 November 2006 19:41, Dave S wrote:
> Having upgraded to edgy, I noticed that update notifier is working
> strangely. It frequently sticks on 1 package to update.
> If I click on it and update packages there is nothing to upgrade, if i
> apt-get update / upgrade there is nothing to update but the notifier
> insists that there is still 1 to upgrade.
> Is anyone else having this problem ?
> Dave

I spoke too soon :)

After playing with this problem for 1-2 hours & emailing the list I ...

dpkg --force-dependent --purge adept-notifier
apt-get install adept-notifier

And it works :):):)

Sorry for bothering you guys


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