Kubuntu 6.10 Report (Positive)

Eric B ebarsic at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 10 12:09:07 UTC 2006

At 05:51 AM 10 11 06, you wrote:

>Can I put in a plea here - there is real merit in having two extra partitions
>on your hard drive - 1. for your /home partition (which does *not* get
>formatted during a new install and 2. a /data partition (maybe of vfat type
>so you can in an emergency read it from the dark side!) This is to store data
>including photographs ... etc ... which you need to keep (as well as on a
>cdrom of this information for safety).  These are in addition to the usual  /
>or root partition.
>I usually make my home partition about 1.5 or 2 Gig to permit the downloading
>of a cdrom ... but YMMV!  Having a home partition rather than just a
>directory has been a lifesaver for me in the past.
>No flames please ... I'm just quoting my experience!

I for one, will chime in and give you a thumbs up on that idea.  I 
have gone through 3 updates now, starting with Hoary, and moving up 
every time.  Deciding early on to allocate a partition to /home was 
one of the smartest decisions I ever made in this realm.  It's 
wonderful to do an upgrade and not have to worry about my desktop, 
settings, etc, etc, etc going away.

I have also taken the time to do quick text file notes to myself, 
concerning /etc/apt/sources.list additions I have made, and other 
assorted special tweaks I've done.  Save all those into your /home 
directory <and therefore on it's own partition>, and there are no 
more worries about upgrading.


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