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Joseph Vella vayu at sklinks.com
Thu Nov 9 04:35:02 UTC 2006

Tez wrote:
> Vayu wrote:
>> I installed it by copying and symlinking into various plugin directories 
>> (I could look up exactly). When I view a flash site in Konqueror and 
>> right click it shows "About Flash 9".
>> When I do the same in Firefox it says "About Flash 7". When I go to 
>> about:plugins in Firefox it shows Flash 9.
>> Anyone know how can I tell what's going on?
> Did you uninstall flashplugin-nonfree first? Sometimes the librarys
> conflict with eachother.
> Make sure you only have one flash library (libflashplayer.so) in the
> firefox plugin directorys: /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
> Tez
Well that's interesting. I don't have it in /usr/lib/firefox. There are 
only a bunch of mplayer libs in there.

I don't remember but apparently I must have installed my own copy of 
firefox at one time.

Besides the one in /opt and the one in my download directory, why would 
I have so many flash libs? Any idea how I would safely clean up the mess 
below? Or should I just copy the right library into all these 
directories including the one you mentioned? I'm sure that would work, 
but it seems a bit sloppy.

$ sudo updatedb
$ locate libflashplayer.so

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