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On 11/7/06, D. R. Evans <doc.evans at> wrote:
> Is it just me, or does desktop search basically suck in Kubuntu?
> I have been using Kerry for a while. Or, rather, trying to use it.
> There doesn't seem to be anything to configure, so if I have it
> misconfigured somehow, it's not obvious how to make it work better.
> Maybe there's a better tool?
> This is going to sound like a whine. It isn't. I am hoping desperately
> that there's some way to make desktop search work usefully and that
> I've just overlooked something really simple.
> Right now, on my main desktop machine, even for simple things it seems
> fairly useless :-(
> 1. Search for a term that I know is in my Kopete message history. OK
> it, finds the term, but it doesn't seem to have any concept that a
> conversation that took place today is different from one that happened
> yesterady. It seems to report conversations in huge chunks in which
> individual conversations with an individual are concatenated, but
> without any indication of the date/time at which each took place. Nor
> is it obviuos how it decides when to put a conversation into a
> different chunk.
> 2. Search for a term that I know is in a Thunderbird e-mail -- no hits.
> 3. Search for a term for which there are a lot of hits (I tried this
> with "port") -- Kerry informs you that there are (for example) 118
> hits, but only shows you five of them at a time. (And it does so in
> remarkably space-inefficient way.)
> 4. There is no help. None.
> 5. It simply fails to find text that I know exists in files on my
> drive. (For example, I have two python scripts that contain the text
> "source ports" -- Kerry gives me four hits for "source ports", but
> none of them are my python scripts.)
>   Doc

Have you tried 'kat' at all ?  Last I knew it was still in beta, but most
every distro has it available including Kubuntu.  It's integrated very well
with KDE since it's a KDE app.

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