[Edgy] Listen to many sources at the same tile

claudiu vlad claudiu.vlad at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 17:34:07 UTC 2006

You have to enable either "arts" or "alsa" sound system.
Run System-Settings in the main menu, at "Computer Administration"(if you have 
edgy eft) click on "Sound system" and click "Enable sound", than "Apply".

Good luck!
For alsa, you have to create the famous ".asoundrc" file in your home 
directory. The contents of this file depends on what soundcard do you have, 
but note that you need to have something called "dmix" and "dsnoop" in this 

However, it is, usually faster to get a good answer by using a search engine 
like google or yahoo. Mailing lists are usually slower to get a response. I 
use mailing lists only when I dont find anything on google.

În data de Mar 07 Noi 2006 14:45, Dripple a scris:
> Hi,
> I'm wondering how to get amarok and kaffeine playing sounds at the same
> time.
> Any tip ?
> thanks.
> Dripple

There is no place like localhost.

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