packages kept back, adept notifier icon won't go away

Donatas G. dgvirtual at
Mon Nov 6 11:38:48 UTC 2006

trečiadienis 01 lapkritis 2006 00:53, Christopher J. Bottaro rašė:

> Hmm, I did that but before I hit apply changes, I choose to preview the
> changes.  The 31 packages in question are mostly python* packages.  In the
> preview changes view, it wants to remove all the analogous python2.4*
> packages.  Is that correct?  Seems like python2.4* is more specific than
> python*, so those should be the ones to keep... ?

I have upgraded those packages manually, and I experience no problems with 
this upgrade. That is as much as I can tell you from my experience.

Donatas Glodenis

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