Can't start DVD iso installation...

Johnny Ernst Nielsen j_e_n_pub at
Sun Nov 5 17:47:51 UTC 2006


I am trying to install kubuntu 6.10 from the DVD iso i fetched from 
the british mirror (the only place I could find a DVD iso image - I'm 
not on the torrent system).
The iso's MD5sum is fine, and when burnt the media validates just fine 
with the GRUB option to validate the media.

However, when I select to "Install or start kubuntu" I never get to 
the live desktop.
X just shows a blue screen for a couple of seconds, then a black 
screen, then a blue screen, black, blue, <infinite loop>

I have tried appending all the meningful boot options i could find in 
the GRUB F1 help, but no luck.

The help describes a "boot:"-prompt.
I never see such a prompt. I get the GRUB menu where I can select OEM 
install, media validation, etc.
F6 seems the only place to add boot options, and I have tried 
appending options here.

It is an old computer, but it has had no problem instaling the latest 
SUSE Linux desktop environment from DVD.

Has anyone heard of this problem before?

Best regards

Johnny :o)

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