Where to report bugs?

Vayu vayu at sklinks.com
Wed Nov 1 16:33:07 UTC 2006

Christopher J. Bottaro wrote:
> The launchpad.net site is for Ubuntu, no?  Where do I report Kubuntu bugs? 
> For instances, Kopete is sending across   sometimes instead of spaces:
> "Yes, I did.  She seemed really hungry."
> Appears in my gf's Trillian chat window as...
> "Yes, I did.  She seemed really hungry."
> I figure this is a Kubuntu, not Ubuntu, bug because it's specific to a KDE
> app?
> Thanks,
> -- C
> P.S.  No it's not Trillian because it only started happening after I
> upgraded to Edgy.
KDE is its own organization separate from Kubuntu. If it is an issue 
with the way KDE interacts with the OS then it's a Kubuntu issue. If 
it's purely a KDE or a KDE application issue then you would go to that 
source. In this case it seems like you want to find where to file a bug 
for Kopete not for Kubuntu. Google is my friend. Here is the Kopete faq 
page. At the bottom is a link that says "bugs".

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