new kernel, what did I miss?

Joseph Vella vayu at
Wed Nov 1 04:00:08 UTC 2006

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> I built a new 2.6.18-rt7 kernel from vanilla + IM patch in order to make my 
> Dapper install more suitable for Linux audio.  I started with the stock 
> 2.6.15 config from /boot and changed a few appropriate options for the new 
> kernel, then built it with make-kpkg.
> The result booted, and is running (and made Rosegarden quit whining about the 
> timer resolution being too low), but the screen was blank during the boot, 
> and the cute little Kubuntu graphical boot thingie didn't work.
> I wonder what I missed.  I'd like to either fix the cute little graphical 
> thingie, or disable it in favor of the old fashioned plain text boot.
Maybe you want to try to install usplash. (you might need to uninstall 
it then reinstall it)

You may want to also install kubuntu-artwork-usplash if you would like a 
blue kubuntu instead of a brown ubuntu.

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