SCIM and other language characters -- documentation?

Peter Clark mla at
Wed May 31 15:53:55 BST 2006

On Wednesday 31 May 2006 09:34, Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> Hey I really want to get to the bottom of another related problem - did you
> solve the issue of not all characters displaying correctly? I.e. some
> Chinese characters are replaced by a dot?
> The two links below show the same chinese page displayed under Knoppix,
> where it looks perfect and the bottom link is the same page under dapper,
> with many of the characters missing,
> displayed under Knoppix 4:
> And the same page displayed under Dapper:

    My (uneducated) guess would be that the font Dapper uses does not have all 
the characters that Knoppix's font does. What fonts do Knoppix and Dapper use 
for Chinese?

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