Problems with Dapper RC1 and KDE 3.5

Joe Hart j.hart at
Sun May 28 19:11:43 BST 2006

Howard Coles Jr. wrote:

>>I tried that link: and I can't find anything
>>related to it.  Is it down, or misspelled?  I'd like to find that page.
>I found it.  The whole link is:
>For some reason it appears I can't just go to

Strange, because I can.  The full link, for those interested in ATI 
drivers is:

I also managed to get the Dapper RC to work, but had to switch to a 
console and run dpkg-reconfigure xserver.xorg  to do it, even after 
telling it to use safe graphics.  I think that's a bug.  Most newbies 
would toss the CD if it did on their computer what it did on mine.  
Another issue with the new installer is that it forces you to choose 
mount points for all partitions, even if you don't want to mount them.  
Then goes and puts every partition on your system on the desktop!  I 
don't want to have access to my NTFS drive from Linux.  I also don't 
want my separate boot partition to mount.

I use my own grub to manage my boot, and do not use any of the grubs 
that the different distributions try to install.  It never fails that 
the installs fail to see all of my different OS choices, so I always 
have to edit the menu.lst anyway.  My test partition changes frequently, 
and boot partitions' menu.lst is one of my most accessed files.

I also found it interesting that Dapper RC failed to see the Breezy 
partition and didn't put that as one of the choices.  You'd think of all 
things it could find would be an older version.  I guess the developers 
just think people will only have their system and Windoze.  Also of note 
was that the Kubuntu RC's grub calls the OS Ubuntu.

It seems I can always find something to complain about.

Overall I still think Kubuntu is the best distro, but I have to say that 
I am not pleased with the new graphical install.  I think it's a better 
idea to upgrade an existing breezy than to start all over with dapper.  
I just wonder what headache that will bring.  Personally, I think I will 
clone the partition before I try it.  Just so I can always revert back 
to a system that works like I expect it to in case of disaster.  One 
positive note.  I learn the most about Linux trying to fix problems that 
shouldn't need fixing.

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