Multimedia and the web

Aaron Siegel bulk_mail at
Tue May 23 17:57:10 BST 2006


I have just recently started running kunbuntu in my laptop. I am have been 
running FreeBSD for many years and am new to the Debian environment,  

As of now I am unable to get kaffeine or amarok to play a mp3 or mpeg (any 
media). I have install all the gstreamer packages available and all the 
amarok/kaffeine package that are available. I would also like to embed one of 
these players into my web browsers for playing videos.  Is this possible? 

I have been using Kmplayer for a year. It does embeds into a web browser and 
plays DVDs. I also tried Kaffeine on a SUSE and was unable to get it to work. 
This is an important function of my laptop but I do not want to spend a lot of 
time working on set up this basic function. 

Thank you

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