dapper 6 and 7

Alastair Preston aprestn5 at telus.net
Thu May 18 19:19:50 BST 2006

On Thursday May 18 2006 06:48 am, Mitchell Brown wrote:
> The betas are very unstable. Personally, I think their whole graphical
> installer is completely full of bugs.
> I would get 5.10 stable.

No problems here installing Dapper flight 7 (Kubuntu 6.0.6 rc2, kernel 
2.6.15-21-386) on two machines - (1) an Athlon 750/Epox 7KXA/ box with a 32Mb 
ATI Rage Fury video card and  Creative sound card. (my test-bed multi boot 
machine with Win98SE on hda, Mandriva 2006 , Suse 10, Fedora Core 4 and 
Kubuntu on hdb) 
 and (2) a Dell GX150, PIII 1Ghz with onboard Intel video, sound and ethernet.

It's running stabily on both, and another CLUG member has mentioned it's 
running well on his computer also,  If you're having issues, they may be 
hardware related, possibly memory or the timing thereof(?). What version(s) 
of the betas have you tried?

Al Preston

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