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Wed May 17 00:33:51 BST 2006

On 05/16/2006 02:40 PM, * Dave spake thusly:
> I have two questions, but let me start by saying that I am still
> learning Linux.
> I currently have a dual boot setup with Kubuntu & Window$ on separate
> drives. I have nearly 400GB of data on my raid0 array that I'm using
> with Linux (mostly music, movies & pictures). I would like to upgrade to
> Dapper soon but feel that I need to make a backup before I take the plunge.
> My first question is which application would be best to use for backing
> up my home system, presently not on a network? Is there a way to create
> an image of my array that will restore all my settings as well as my
> data? If not, then perhaps a supper compressed file that I can burn to
> DVD(s) will suit my needs.

I've heard partimage is good, although I've never used it.

sudo apt-get install partimage

The catch is, their NTFS support is "experimental" (assuming you use
NTFS for your Windows drive).

Otherwise I only know of Commercial windows Programs that will do this.

I have Acronis True Image which handles All Windows file system formats
as well as Linux Ext2/3 and ReiserFS.

I'm told Norton Ghost (which I haven't used in a few years will do this
too).  I'm generally not a fan of Symantec though.  But I've heard Ghost
is still a good product.

> Secondly, I've been having a lot of problems with K3B. Lately I seem to
> get nothing but coasters. I would be happy to post any config files to
> help trouble shoot it but I'm not sure where they are.

When the window pops up as you're burning a CD/DVD you'll notice a
button in the bottom right corner that reads "Save Debugging Output".

Click on that.  It will open a window showing you the output.  You'll
then have the option to copy it to the clipboard or save it to a file.

> Whether I'm
> burning a DVD video, an audio CD or a data disc with pictures, it starts
> just fine but approximately 3/4 of the way through, it spits out an
> error message and I get another coaster. I have attached a screen shot
> of today's error which actually made it to 98% complete before giving me
> the error.

i didn't get the attachment. They are probably filtered out by the
mailing list server.  It's not good netiquette to send attachments to
mailing lists.

What I do is upload the screen shot to a web site and then post the URL
in my message.

As far as what your problem is, I have no idea, but if you copy and
paste your debugging output into another message to this list, I'm sure
someone will be able to help you.

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