a practical problem with a pet peeve

Scott listboi at angrykeyboarder.com
Sun May 7 01:03:07 BST 2006

On 05/05/2006 07:46 AM, * Art Alexion spake thusly:
> Those of us who use message threading in our email clients tend to go nuts 
> when someone starts a new thread by replying to an old one.  While the poster 
> may not care about driving us nuts, there is a practical problem.  When I see 
> a thread that I have no knowledge or interest in, I simply press a key combo 
> to delete the entire thread.  When someone has started a new thread within 
> that thread, this has the effect of possibly deleting a question, I might 
> otherwise have been able to help with.
> Please start new threads for new topics.

Amen!  This has been a problem as for as long as I've been on mailing
lists (12 years).  In the beginning I made a number of mistakes. But
somehow, that was never one of them.

And call me crazy but anyone with the "brains" to tackle Linux (even for
the first time) should know better. OK, I guess not, but that's the way
I think. :-)

BTW, another peeve of mine are long sig files (You know, the ones that
exceed the "No more than 4 lines 'rule'"). ;-)

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