Where can I find the changelogs to the "ubuntuXY" updates of KDE?

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue May 2 14:35:04 BST 2006

Michel D'HOOGE wrote:

>> aptitude changelog <package>
>> shows the changelog for the package.  I'm pretty sure there are other
>> ways.
> I use 'C' within aptitude that also display the changelog. But I
> noticed that the result is not always accurate. For instance, for a
> lot of KDE related packages I get the same response (changelog of
> kdebase IIRC); but if I ask the changelog for (e.g.) openoffice, it is
> a different one and more accurate. Does this mean that when I download
> 100MB of (say) KDE upgrades, it is only for a couple of changelog
> lines in a single package?

If you look in the /usr/share/doc/kdeprint/changelog.Debian.gz, you'll see
that the actual changelog distributed with kdeprint _is_ the changelog for
kdebase.  You'd have to ask a KDE developer why this is, but I presume that
the change for kdeprint I picked up this morning is indeed a little more
involved than: "Add kubuntu_62_genkdmconf_fix.diff, closes Malone #39599"

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