adept does't recognize root password

Scott listboi at
Mon May 1 07:36:52 BST 2006

Richard Crawford wrote:
> On Monday 24 April 2006 20:47, P G wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply.  This is interesting because I
>> use the same password for both accounts: root and a
>> regular user account.  Does the system check passwords
>> to see if two accounts use the same password?
> Seems you're used to a different way of doing things.  Kubuntu has no "root" 
> account per se; well, actually, it does, but it's disabled.  Instead, 
> everything that you would do as root is done through your own account with 
> sudo.  When you install Kubuntu for the first time, it assumes that the first 
> user account created is the account which should have sudo privileges over 
> the system.
> So, there aren't two different accounts to check.  There's only one.
> There is a way to enable the root account if you really want to, and it's 
> covered on the Ubuntu FAQ somewhere.

sudo -s -H
Password: <specify the password you want for root>

The other option is during install.  If you use the "expert" install
option you will be given the opportunity to set up a root account,
followed by a user account..

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