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Mitch Thompson mitchthompson at
Fri Mar 31 12:57:05 BST 2006

Before I go and file a bug report, I wanted to ask here if it was truly
a bug, or just me with a bad case of CR disease.

If I uncomment the line

deb-src breezy-updates main restricted

in /etc/apt/sources.list, I get the following error(s)

Ign breezy/main Sources

Get:8 breezy/main Sources [305kB]
99% [8 Sources gzip 0]
gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
Err breezy/main Sources
  Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)
Fetched 8B in 4s (2B/s)
Failed to fetch
 Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)
Reading package lists... Done
E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old
ones used instead.

The gz file is there, and if I wget it and gunzip it, it unzips fine.

So, what is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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