Security problem ??

Vayu vayu at
Sun Mar 26 19:24:26 BST 2006

On Sunday 26 March 2006 10:07 am, Werner Erselina wrote:
> Is there anybody who could confirm this problem on his or her kubuntu box. 
> Cause i think it might be a serious security problem.
> Op vrijdag 24 maart 2006 22:20, schreef Werner Erselina:
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > I noticed some strange behaviour on my upgraded from breezy to dapper box.
> > I created a guest account with the name pap. I configured the behaviour 
> > this user to autologin afther 5 seconds, and that this user could login
> > without providing a password. However i noticed that all other user's can
> > login without having to provide a password. The configuration for this 
> > was done with kcontrol or systemsettings (Dont remember anymore). I dont
> > know if this problem is related to kubuntu (dapper or breezy) or kde. For
> > clarification i provided my kdmrc file:

I'm pretty clueless about such things, but  I'm wondering if you create a 
guest account that doesn't require a password isn't that the same as leaving 
your house unlocked for your friend and then wondering why your neighbor can 
get in?

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