ftp in konqueror

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at yandex.ru
Wed Mar 22 11:44:53 GMT 2006

Recently I have been trying to use Konqueror as my ftp application following 
some mails on this list saying that it's pretty good. I can connect to 
anonymous public ftp servers without a problem but connecting to ones that 
require authentication seems to be a problem.

I type for example ftp://username@
which is to access an ftp server on a local machine, in the status bar it says 
it is sending login information and just stays like that. When trying to make 
a link using knetattach it does the same thing, never managing to 
authenticate itself. I also want to ftp on to my webserver for uploading of 
files and this encounters the same problem. The only thing that does seem to 
work is that Quanta can successfully connect and perform operations. I'm 
still running KDE 3.4.3 that came with Breezy as I'm trying to stick to only 
things and the repositories as I've had some bad experiences with breaking 
systems. Any suggestions welcome, thanks.

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