System Settings: The module Display could not be loaded...

Kevin Cole kjcole at
Tue Mar 21 16:25:00 GMT 2006

Luka Renko wrote:
> On 3/21/06, *Kevin Cole* <kjcole at <mailto:kjcole at>>
> wrote:
>     Can someone tell me where I might track down this problem?  This is on a
>     Dapper pre-release system.  While attempting to change system settings I
>     get:
>        The module Display could not be loaded.
>        The diagnostic is:
>        Possible reasons:
>         * An error occurred during your last KDE upgrade leaving an orphaned
>           control module
>         * You have old third party modules lying around.
> There are already similar bugs reported, but your may be unique,
> therefore I suggest that you run "kcmshell displayconfig" from terminal
> and then send us the messages reported - then author of Display module
> will be able to judge if this is fixed (and about to be released) or not.
> Regards,
> Luka

Thanks for the tip.  I had assumed it was something I'd done to mess things
up, and that may actually be the case.  (As I recall, the problem started
after I tried xgl on this system and it failed.  I reverted back to the
previous setup with Xorg.)  You mention similar bugs reported.  So, shall
I send the output from kcmshell to malone?  this list?  or you?

Thanks again.

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