further input required re. Konqueror

john e john.godzero at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 15:14:43 GMT 2006

> There's only one tab on the split screen.  How do I control the two windows?
> Can I, for example, direct the left pane to the local folder where updated
> and/or new pages are stored?  Can I then drag-and-drop from one pane to the
> other or must I use the "Copy to..." selection in the context menu?

Just click in the pane you want to change, then the address bar and
bookmarks, etc will affect that pane. Drag and drop work as expected.

For instance:
While I'm editing a site I admin, I'll open a 2 pane window,
left = ftp://mysite.com
right = /home/godzero

to edit a html or .htaccess, etc I right click the file... "edit with... kate"
to create a new folder right click window..."new... folder"
to copy a file from ftp://mysite.com to /home/godzero or vise-versa,
click and drag

Infact most most kde friendly programs will be able to use or edit
files that way.
EG: right click ftp://mysite.com/smiley.png... edit with...
kolourpaint will download the file into the editor, you edit + save,
then kde will upload the result.

It's just like working on the local file system, but more 'laggy' on
read an writes... obviously.

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