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Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at
Mon Mar 13 04:49:48 GMT 2006

A while back, I noted that my /dev/null device was getting set with 0600 
(rw-------) with root as owner and group.

The problem is that users need to be able to write to this device as well, 
especially when logging in to X, or KDE, etc.

My question is when should udev be starting in the /etc/rc2.d folder?

Mine was set to "S50udev" which may put it at creating the /dev/null device 
after some other process which may be why its getting created with root only 
access.  I'm thinking it needs to be lower down in start number like 
"S16udev" but I'm not sure.

I have checked the udev rules, and "MODE=0666" is what is set for /dev/null's 

So, either udev isn't properly creating this one device (all the others are 
created with the right permissions), or something else is hosing up the 

My real quest is to hopefully find someone else who may have had the problem 
and has fixed it, or is having the problem so I can report it as a bug.  (I 
mean if I'm the only one with the problem it probably means I've done 
something stupid, which is not out of the question).


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