"Window"=>"Split view left/right"

DonDashGuitar dondashguitar at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 03:29:22 GMT 2006

I have to assume you've added one or another feature to Konqueror which made
the split screen possible.

Under the menu icon at top-left in Konqueror there's a menu choice labeled
"Configure Window Behavior..." and under "Location" there's a "New Window"
option but neither of these leads to a place where I can specify a split

I also attempted to follow Thilo's suggestion
 but nowhere on my keyboard is there a key labeled "STRG"

I'm using a KVM switch to switch keyboard, monitor and mouse from my Win2K
machine.  This is a standard windows keyboard.

I have the most current version of Kubuntu installed on a 1.7 GHz, HP
Pavilion 503W with 512 megs of RAM.  The computer formerly ran WinXP.
Windows was in bad shape when I acquired the unit but I was able to repair
it during the two hours it took to download the Kubuntu ISO file to my Win2K
box and burn a CD.  I really enjoyed plugging in the CD and letting it
completely wipe out Windows.  That may be the only moment during my
experience with Windows when I felt truly empowered.  Honestly, I'm already
looking for another used computer so I can enjoy that moment again.  *grin*

Thanks all.

Don Crowder

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