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Richard Crawford rscrawford at
Sun Mar 12 01:34:17 GMT 2006

On Saturday 11 March 2006 17:04, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Richard Crawford wrote:
> > Are you aware that you can use KDE itself as an FTP client?  Open up an
> > instance of Konqueror -- click on your "Home" directory icon or go to
> > System -> Home, then type the URL of your FTP site into the address bar.
> ...
> > To me, this feature alone makes KDE infinitely superior to Windows.
> Well, if you just put it like that, there's not much superiority.  IE does
> FTP as well as Konqueror does.  What makes KDE so superior is being able to
> do it over SSH _and_ the fact that any other KDE app can make use of the
> kio slaves to do the same thing.

Heh.  Yeah, I mentioned that KDE also connects to Samba servers as well as ssh 
servers, and you can easily drag files from one FTP server to another or from 
a Samba server to an SSH server.  And yes, the kio slaves are really, really 

WRT IE, I did use IE as an FTP client a few times, but found it unacceptably 
slow.  Every time I'm stuck on a Windows box I make sure Filezilla is 
installed so I can do the kind of file manipulations I need to.  But KDE is 
infinitely better at that kind of management.  Makes me wonder why people 
other than hardcore gamers stick with Windows.

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