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Luka Renko 74.luka at
Fri Mar 10 05:06:47 GMT 2006

On 3/10/06, scott <sclewin at> wrote:
>     I tried your changes to the interfaces file and it looks like it
> works.  My computer booted up with the Internet working perfectly
> through my router, thank you.  I did the same for my laptop, I simply
> changed the eth0 to ath0 and it looks like it is working as well.

I am glad it worked.

    Did you know you both helped me several times better than D-Link.  I
> sent the same question to them and the only response I got was, "we
> don't support Kubuntu (Linux)", even though the box says Linux :).  I
> know the average Linux user is much more computer literate than users of
> M$, but I hate it when companies expect every Linux user to know
> everything :).

This is power of open-source community (and I have to say (K)ubuntu in
particular): you are willing to help, because others will help you.
Now when you have your internet working, you may want to look into IRC
#kubuntu as well - you can get help there even faster than over mailing

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