How to rescue an LVM drive?

S. D. Rose s_david_rose at
Mon Mar 6 14:45:38 GMT 2006

Hello all.  Had a strange thing happen.  I tried to backup with K3B an
entire user directory so I could copy my Kontact information (e-mail for
past 4 years + 400 contacts).  The burn-to-DVD failed (said the file system
was read-only.)  I rebooted it, and couldn't complete the boot.  The system
complained of files missing in / and /boot.

Ok. not so bad.  I got the Ubuntu (Not Kubuntu) live Cd, thought I could
just mount the old /dev/hda5 where my data was, copy off the user directory,
and then drop it on a new-install of the hard drive.

I don't know how to mount an LVM partition, though. Can someone tell me what
the steps are for mounting an LVM partition-gone-bad?  Is there a utility to
help me rescue data from an LVM volume, or is it command-line all-the-way?

Also, can someone tell me specifically what Kontact directories I'd need for
my calendar, e-mail folders, and contacts to move them over to a new system?

Thanks Mucho!

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