kde and 'disappeared' tty session

mollica.luca at hsr.it mollica.luca at hsr.it
Sun Mar 5 17:57:29 GMT 2006


I have recently seen my alternative not-graphical session of KDE in 
the latest Kubuntu release disappear.

After some setup on some features (WMvare workstatio, some software 
for my job) that did not involve any graphical/video card issue, I 
have realized that, even if the system was perfectcly stable on the 
graphical session (i.e., Ctrl+Alt+F7 for KDE switching), I could not 
reach any not graphcal mode on diffrerent tty consolles on other KDE 
issues (i.e. Ctrl+Alt+F1, F2 ... etc etc until F7 resulted  in a blank 

Unfortunatey, I was not able to look for the right advice on the web: 
do you have any advice about coming back to a normal situation with 
all the other non graphical sessions open on different ttys ? 
Please also tell me where to look for this kind of problem and, in 
case, what to attach to the next mail: it is the first time that I 
meet such a thing, and the only thing I have noticed is that in /dev/ 
only a single tty element is present.

Thanx in advance


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