nvidia drivers ....

mollica.luca at hsr.it mollica.luca at hsr.it
Sun Mar 5 17:45:21 GMT 2006

Hi James and you all,

thanks for the advices, but xorg.conf did not answer to any questions 
apart the fact that in the errors reported in the log file only 'no 
screens found' was the error reported and that there was a mismatch 
between the version of Xorg and the version of Nvidia drivers. 
And unfortunately this fact was leading me to completely wrong 
considerations about the failur of the graphical front end of the 
system at which I was working. 

I had finally solved the issue and wanted to report here the solution 
not to leave the thread open: the problem was the usage of the ubuntu 
repository kernel modules for nvidia cards that were installed even 
without I knew about it. After removal and installation of the nvidia 
drivers downloaded from the website everything was fine.

Just curiosity: on the desktop machine I used to work on I believed 
that it was my fault, but working on a laptop machine I realized that 
the same problems appaeared one more time. But luckily, then I knew 
how to solve .... I was , anyway, surprised about this automatic 
installation of these modules.

Now I am experiencing another strange problem that I am posting with 
another theread not to create confusion.

Moreover, Thanks to all for answers (every time, anyway, useful for 
good knowledge:) )


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