New comp, re-configure Breezy ?

dave s kubuntu at
Sat Mar 4 21:32:52 GMT 2006

On Saturday 04 Mar 2006 20:36, Thilo Six wrote:
> dave s schrieb am 04.03.2006 18:58:
> > Thanks :)
> >
> > Dave
> nope.  ;)
> The only thing i can think of to get probs is a different grafic card.
> Do you use the same as before, or is it a new one, too?
> I use the same so i had not to change xorg.conf.
Upgraded Nvidia, but still a Nvidia. I briefly booted my PIII hdd and it got 
stuck on ddhcp. 

I got to admit I am now leaning towards downloading dapper install cd and 
installing from scratch. I did a lot of learning on Breezy but I know I have 
messed up some odds and ends along the way.

So although it may be a pain (gulp) to re-install from scratch I have my 
config notes (pages of them) and it would be kind of cathartic and I would 
end up with a 100% properly configured machine !


> bye and have fun
> (i have a lot with the new system.. ;)
> bye Thilo
> --
> i am on Ubuntu 2.6 KDE
> - some friend of mine

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