accessing usb digital camera

Stratos Laspas stratos at
Wed Mar 1 06:16:15 GMT 2006

Using Kubuntu 5.10 with KDE 3.5.1 The camera is a Canon Powershot A95.

When the camera is connected (USB), I see an icon on the desktop "USB
Imaging Interface", and also a window pops up prompting what to do:
"Medium type: Camera ---     Open in new window or do nothing"

When I choose to open in new window, Konq opens at system:/media/camera
and inside it I see "Canon Powershote A95 (normal mode)". Pressing on
that goes to system:/media/camera/camera containing only one icon with
the same name and finally pressing on that gives a message "an error
occured while loading system:/media/camera/camera/camera -- Unknown
error Bad parameters"

I then tried accessing /media/camera through Krusader while the first
"what to do" window was still displayed and I got a message "could not
mount /media/camera,  special device /dev/sdc does not exist" (which
sounds quite informative, but I'm not sure what to do with it and how)

In it is mentioned that this camera can be accessed in both
normal and ptp mode, if that is any help.

Could someone give me a quick hint?


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