Copying files from konqueror

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Jun 30 22:29:26 BST 2006

On 30/06/06, Mark A. Taff <marktaff at> wrote:
> Forgive my pedantry if I'm preaching to the choir, but please send emails to
> the list instead of to me directly (unless the mail is of a personal
> nature--that's fine). ;-)  This way, everyone benefits from the exchange, and
> the problem & and its resolution can be archived on the Internet so it can
> help others in the future.  Thanks.

I agree 100%. I was sloppy with the reply button and didn't notice. Of
course I meant to reply to the list.

> Now then, you are correct that rsync and ssh won't work with system://, as
> that is a KDE KIO-slave that bash has no idea about.  You can use KIO-slaves
> from the command-line via kfmclient, but that nugget won't help us here.
> When your media player is mounted you need to find *where* it is mounted.  In
> Linux, the kernel keeps track of well-known mount devices, filesystems, and
> mountpoints in /etc/fstab.  Filesystems that are *actually* mounted will
> appear in /etc/mtab, so try a `cat /etc/mtab`
> Note that `mount -l` will do the same thing as cat /etc/mtab, but I like to go
> straight to the text file when I can.

Thanks, I found it in /media/.

Dotan Cohen

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