about usb2

Henri Girard henrigira at numericable.fr
Tue Jun 27 15:57:58 BST 2006

dereck thanks...
i was complaining about the two sda... But as it is normal... big smile :)
I see indeed the two mounts on the desktop...
for me one would be enaugh...
i guess i can delete it in right config setup ?
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> Henri Girard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have an archos (audio video mp4 reader) on usb2, usb2 are connected to
>> belkin pci card. I tried the connection on few flavours of linux,
>> finally i choosed dapper. Each time i open my archos i have two mounts :
>> sda and sda1, but sda had nothing always empty and sda1 has the
>> arborescence. If i closed usb2 sda sda1 closed too ?
>> Is this normal behavior ?
> This is perfectly normal behavior.  The usb device exposes a SCSI disk
> interface, so the device is /dev/sda and the _partition_ on the device
> is /dev/sda1.  You can't possibly get rid of the /dev/sda* devices (or you
> could, but then you'd never see your archos device!), but what exactly are
> you complaining about?  Are you seeing multiple mount points appearing on
> your desktop?  That can probably be fixed.
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> derek
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