Intergrating Firefox and Tbird to KDE- lots of info, no solution!

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Jun 25 12:41:05 BST 2006

On 25/06/06, Thomas Sperre <thcsp at> wrote:
> Lørdag 24 juni 2006 20:49, skrev Dotan Cohen:
> > I want to Firefox and Tbird to look more like QT apps- they stand out
> > as gkt apps in KDE. I found that there exists a package gkt-qt-engine
> > but I cannot install it with apt-get. How can I install this? My goals
> > are that FF and TB will _look_ like the rest of my KDE apps, and that
> > the horrible download dialog will be more like KDE one.
> >
> Had the same ambition once, as I used both these applications on Windows
> before I converted. I  discovered the answer was right in front of my face.
> Didn't involve any hacker feats at all, I just started using Konqueror and
> KMail and I don't miss the Fox and the bird all that much, actually. Did you
> give Konq/Kmail a serious consideration?
> You get a brilliant KDE integration with those  ;-)

Yes, of course I started out using those apps. I switched to Firefox
because of the extensions that I depend upon. For my own reasons, I
cannot give them up.

Also, I use Konqi as a file manager. When I click on an HTML file in
my file manager I want it to open in Kate. When I click on an HTML
file in my web browser, I want it to open in the browser and I want
the browser to display the page, not the code. I have found no way of
telling Konqi "If I open via http, display the page. If I open a local
file, or via SFTP (fish protocol), then open in Kate". I also find
FF's search feature a must-have. There are other considerations as
well. I cannot give up FF.

As for Kmail, I switched to Tbird a few months ago. I forget the exact
reasons why, there was something that I couldn't do it Kmail that
Tbird would do. Maybe I'll give it another shot and see how it goes.
At least migrating between them in not difficult.

It might be that Kmail does not let the user edit the From address
from where he sends mail? I need this feature and Tbird provides it
via an extension. Tell me if Kmail supports this so I'll know wether
or not to bother with it again. I need to edit it in the Compose Mail
window, as I use a different email address for all my contacts. That
way when I start getting spam to a particular address I know who's
responsible, and I can cancel that address with a minimum hassle (only
one contact must update my new email address).


Dotan Cohen

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