development tools package?

Jacob Rideout ubuntu at
Wed Jun 21 03:19:35 BST 2006

If you are compiling a package that is in the repositories, even if it
is a different version, you can have apt install the build
dependencies. Make sure you have the deb-src line in your sources.list
and then run "sudo apt-get build-dep php5" or whatever package it is.


On 6/20/06, golfer <golfbuf at> wrote:
> On 6/20/06, Christopher J. Bottaro <cjbottaro at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm trying to compile php from source and configure is tripping over all
> > sorts of missing stuff.  Instead of installing each thing one by one, is
> > there some sort of pseudo package in (K)Ubuntu that installs most packages
> > needed for development (like gcc, g++, autoconf, automake, binutils, flex,
> > yacc, bison, etc)?
> build-essential, linux-headers-{3,6}86, and then the devel packages
> your working on (i.e. for KDE, try kde-devel and kde-devel-extras).
> If your build fails and tells you what's missing, try search
> 'apt-cache search <keyword>' to find other packages needed.
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