Intall from grub

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Tue Jun 20 18:50:53 BST 2006

"Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at> writes:

> BIOS is most certainly set to boot from the optical drive in question.
> If I tell it to boot from the DVD burner, I get to start the install
> (but it hangs). If I tell it to boot from the CD burner, then I get a
> grub prompt. If I tell it to boot from the hard disk, then I get the
> text GRUB under the PCI device listing, but no prompt- it just hangs.
> I assume that is because of the partial installation that keeps
> hanging.

Beats me.  Once your install CD starts booting, you shouldn't see
any msgs related to GRUB (until the very end of the install when
you reboot).  I just have to believe that if you're seeing anything
about grub, then your optical media is not being booted from.  Bad
cabling on CD burner?

As for the hung, promptless grub, I'll conjecture that a previous
install attempt didn't get all of the grub code loaded.  I don't know
if grub hangs if its menu.lst is missing, but there's a
/boot/grub/stage2 which would probably cause a hang if it was missing.
Grub code is in the MBR and at least one following sector and in
some /boot/grub/ , so maybe one of them has a problem (like missing).

I wouldn't worry about any of the hard disk or grub booting problems
you're having because they should all go away when you manage to start
and complete a full install.

Sorry I can't help on the hanging DVD drive install; I haven't a clue.
I guess I'd try booting some other bootable CDs.

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