Adept Can't Handle Packages with Dialogs

Henri Girard henrigira at
Sun Jun 18 17:42:32 BST 2006

It's written in the ubuntu doc i think.... Because i had the same 
problem... And read from there how to do it...
 I would prefer to use adepte too... But some installation or broken 
files aren't prevented or nothing said about them...
I spend a lot of time to discover that the line (16 or 17) in 
sources.list is not fully written with multiverse... I had to do it 
manually after #kubuntu irc guis told me...

Tez a écrit :
> Matt Endebrock wrote:
>> Background: After reading the Kubuntu Desktop Guide section on programming, I 
>> followed the desktop guide advice and attempted to install the Java Runtime 
>> Environment Package "sun-java5-bin" *using Adept*. The installation appeared 
>> to hang,  so I looked at the details and found what appeared to be an ncurses 
>> dialog (that I couldn't do anything with). The package wouldn't install so I 
>> had to quit Adept.
>> As expected, this locked the package database, preventing me from using Adept 
>> for further package management until I could fix it. I had to force a 
>> reinstall of the package from the command line using dpkg (I did some reading 
>> and muddled my way through this part. If someone knows the correct syntax and 
>> arguments for performing this work, please reply to this post.)
>> I understand that the jre package comes from the multiverse repositories and 
>> is considered to be unsupported, but the Desktop Guide *does* recommend this 
>> package and gives no warning about having to install it from the command 
>> line.
> I don't use Adept because of things like that and it hasn't got the
> features I want.
> Instead I use Synaptic, very nice GUI, full of features and settings,
> and has a frontend
> for dpkg's "questions"
> When I installed sun-java5-jre a window pooped up with the EULA and
> asked my if I accept it.
> Tez

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