Screensaver not working automatically

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Fri Jun 16 11:37:00 BST 2006

Joe Hart wrote:
> Nigel Ridley wrote:
>> The problem is is that the screensaver does not start automatically 
>> [after the set time]. If I 'lock' the screen then the screensaver does 
>> work.
> Are you by chance running kde 3.5.3?  I ran into the same problem, which 
> to me is really annoying because one of the things I enjoy most from my 
> desktop is watching the screensaver (occasional glance at the monitor).
> I reinstalled 3.5.2 and it works fine.  I think it's a bug in the 
> package available from because I have read that other 
> distros don't have the problem with 3.5.3.

No, it's 3.5.2 as is all the other computers that don't have the same 


> Hopefully 3.5.3 will make it into the repository.  Until then, I 
> recommend sticking to 3.5.2





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