Breezy to Dapper upgrade tips

Per lupe at
Tue Jun 13 20:15:28 BST 2006

Oscar Carlsson skrev:
> tisdag 13 juni 2006 19:57 skrev Jose Gomez-Dans:

>> Hi!
>> I want to upgrade my Kubuntu install from Breezy to Dapper. Rather than do
>> a clean install (I have loads of extra software installed, and I don't want
>> to reinstall all that as well), is it safe and trouble free to change my
>> sources to dapper and do an apt-get update  and an apt-get dist-upgrade? Is
>> there anything I should bear in mind before attempting this?
> It should be safe.
> Just make sure you have a fast broadband and something to do for a few hours - 
> I recommend watching Star Trek ;)
> Oscar
Nothing is safe in this world, of course something will go wrong when u 
Unless you have a total backup of everything......

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