Monitor non recognised.

Rocco Barbini roccobarbi at
Sun Jun 11 13:28:16 UTC 2006

David Bell ha scritto:
> On Sunday 11 June 2006 09:44, Rocco Barbini wrote:
>> My problem is that, while Windows uses the monitor as an 800x600 60Hz
>> without any problem, Kubuntu's Systemsettings can't recognise it and
>> test it. It treats it as a 640x400 and, when I change it to 800x600, it
>> immediately change it back to 640x400. This way, many configuration
>> windows are partly unaccessible because they disappear beyond the screen.
>> Does anyone know what may I do?
> Try editing  /etc/x11/xorg.config by adding "800x600" in all the depth/modes 
> sections.
> You will need to do this as root.  In a terminal type <sudo gedit (or kate)> 
> to bring up an editor to do this task.

I fear it didn't work. I entered Konqueror as root with kdesu and I 
modified that file and a lot of similar ones (xorg.conf, xorg.conf1, 
xorg.conf2, xorg.conf3, xorg.conf4, xorg.conf5). I deleted every 
recurrence of 640x480, but nothing changed. Same problems as before.


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