Monitor non recognised.

Rocco Barbini roccobarbi at
Sun Jun 11 09:44:48 BST 2006

Hi all.

I'm an italian user of Kubuntu 6.04, 100% newbie.

I recently bought at a computer fair in my town an old Pentium 800, 128 
Mb RAM, around 6 Gb Hard Disk, with integrated video and audio (video is 
recognised, I think, as Intel i810 or something, if it's useful I'll 
check it and post it). The computer has Kubuntu 6.04 and pre installed 
Windows 2000 professional running (bootloader is grub, working fine).

I then got from a friend a Compaq Presario 1425 color monitor to use it 
with that pc.

My problem is that, while Windows uses the monitor as an 800x600 60Hz 
without any problem, Kubuntu's Systemsettings can't recognise it and 
test it. It treats it as a 640x400 and, when I change it to 800x600, it 
immediately change it back to 640x400. This way, many configuration 
windows are partly unaccessible because they disappear beyond the screen.

Does anyone know what may I do?

Thanks a lot.

Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale!* 

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