GL Screensavers Disabled??

Dave Vincenty dave at
Tue Jun 6 23:45:14 BST 2006

Roger Haxton wrote:
> On Tuesday June 6 2006 16:56, Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
>> All you need to do, or at least all I had to do, to get them all back is
>> install the various xscreensaver packages, along with rss-glx.  Make sure
>> you install the xscreensaver package because evidently it has what KDE
>> needs to see "glmatrix" and others even though the files are installed with
>> the kdescreensaver package.
> It's installed on both of my systems.  Still no phosphor or BSOD or bouncing 
> cows.
I have all the XScreenSaver and KDE screen saver packages, as far as I know.

Specifically, the packages I seem to have are:

- *kscreensaver* (KDE's screen savers)
- *kscreensaver-xsavers* (supposed to make the XScreenSavers play along
with those of KDE, but it's not working)
- *ktux* (a cute 3D model of Tux in space)
- *rss-glx* (Mr. Welsh's shiny screen savers that I don't really use)
- *screensaver-default-images* (pictures for screensavers designed to
grab pictures)
- *xscreensaver* (Mr. Zawinski's delightful program)
- *xscreensaver-data* (XScreenSavers that don't need GL)
- *xscreensaver-data-extra* (non-GL XScreenSavers that don't come with
- *xscreensaver-gl* (XScreenSavers in 3D)
- *xscreensaver-gl-extra* (possible home of the Bouncing Cow)

That should pretty much cover it, right?  I've even reinstalled those

Right now, I just have XScreenSaver set to run when I'm idle instead of
KScreenSaver.  Still, that doesn't explain what went wrong when I
upgraded to Dapper Drake... or what happened to the few screen savers I
should still have but don't.

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