GL Screensavers Disabled??

Roger Haxton rhaxton at
Tue Jun 6 20:38:02 BST 2006

On Tuesday June 6 2006 13:45, Dave Vincenty wrote:
> Regarding my complaints about disappearing screen savers... I am still
> seriously hoping somebody on this mailing list has a solution.
> I know when I upgraded to Dapper Drake, a lot of stuff was uninstalled
> and a lot of stuff was installed.  I've tried looking at the
> repositories... and I've tried doing "apt-get build-dep -f xscreensaver"
> from the command line... I still don't know where my favorite screen
> savers have gone.
> As for screen savers I thought I didn't have, I've discovered "GLMatrix"
> and "Flying Toasters" by Jamie Zawinski back in my list again... so
> that's a good sign.

Here's a really fun fact.  I am missing the same screensavers in KDE.  
However, if I login to GNOME bouncing cow, BSOD, phosphor, to name some (and 
two of my favourites, BTW) are there in GNOME on the same box.  Somehow, they 
just aren't being seen by the KDE screensaver applet.  
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