Forcing KMail to stop trying to use KDE Wallet?

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Jun 6 18:29:54 BST 2006

David M wrote:

> [Apologies for posting this to kubuntu-users separately. I previously
> asked this question on the main Ubuntu list but with no response]

Never saw it - which is the problem with posting KDE questions to
ubuntu-users.  KDE readers, there, tend to skim ...
> KMail has the good sense to warn users of potential security
> implications of their actions or program settings: amongst other things,
> it warns that saving email passwords in the program config file may be a
> security risk and exhorts the use of the KDE Wallet system.
> Foolishly, out of curiosity, I decided to take KMail's advice to see how
> this might help. Unfortunately, this results in the unbelievably
> irritating situation that I would have to enter the KDE Wallet password
> every time I start up KMail. This saves me nothing over not saving my
> mail password and having to enter it every time.

But it does save you a great deal over having to enter the password every
time KMail tries to access a mail server - and you only have to enter the
password _once_ for every invocation of KMail.  My KMail can be up for
weeks at a time.
> I'd much prefer to revert to KMail just storing my email password in its
> config file *and be done with it*. I think I have managed to extract and
> remove my password from the KDE Wallet's grasping clutches, but now
> KMail whinges every time I exit with an even more annoying *two*
> requesters:

You could just use a wallet that has no password - the developers, while not
being fond of the idea, created the option specifically for folks like you.

Alternatively, to really stop it wanting to use KWallet, you might need to
set up the server account in KMail, again - this time telling it to store
the password in the config file.

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