Editing Grub

Joe Hart j.hart at hccnet.nl
Mon Jun 5 17:26:09 BST 2006

Richard E. Barmann wrote:
> On Friday 02 June 2006 2:58 pm, Joe Hart wrote:
>> Richard E. Barmann wrote:
> Could I go to KDE Control Panel/Disks/ and modify the hda1 by unchecking 
> "start at bootup"? Then restart and instakk the WindowXP and then restart  
> and ensable the hda1 and edit the Grub if it did not pick windows up. Is that 
> cirrect?

Not really.  The problem is that Windows is a bootable CD, so what 
happens is that Windows will directly start the setup when the machine 
is turned on.  Grub or any other programs don't get a chance to do anything.

The problem is that Windows will overwrite the MBR when it installs 
(most linux installs do the same) but since it doesn't have a grub like 
linux does, there's no way for you to reset the MBR to load grub.

You could of course use a live CD to reset grub onto the MBR.  Windows 
won't overwrite your linux if it's on a different drive, so it is just a 
matter of doing this to fix what windows does.

grub>root (hd0,0)
grub>setup (hd0)

That tells grub to rewrite the MBR on hda1.

you will of course need to mount hda1 first.

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