Kubuntu 6.06 LTS Here for the Long Term

Joe Hart j.hart at hccnet.nl
Fri Jun 2 19:48:59 BST 2006

Art Alexion wrote:
> Am I missing something or are people taking an unnecessary step?
>    1. In Oct '04 I installed Warty from the ISO.
>    2. Six or 8 months later, I upgraded by changing warty to hoary in
>       sources.list, and running apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.
>    3. Some months after that, I installed kubuntu by installing
>       kubuntu-desktop.
>    4. About six months ago, I upgraded to breezy by changing hoary to
>       breezy in sources.list, and again running apt-get update &&
>       apt-get dist-upgrade.
> The last upgrade did not remove the gnome stuff, (though most of it I 
> could do without; I can only remember using synaptic and easytag since 
> switching to kubuntu). So why would changing breezy to dapper in 
> sources.list, and again running apt-get update && apt-get 
> dist-upgrade, remove any gnome programs that you want?
The reason I did it that way is because my original breezy install was 
deleted with another distro, which I will not be using again.  I tried 
installing the dapper RC, but the disk caused my screen to go blank (I 
found out later that the new kernel requires that I pass VGA=791 as a 
parameter to prevent that), so I used the above method to get the dapper 
RC.  Since then I have done several updates, so I am running the same 
version that is on the CD if not newer. 

I did test the RC disk after I figured out how to get the display to 
show, but I don't like the live installer because it forces you to mount 
all existing partitions!  I have several different OS's on this computer 
and I don't want them interacting unless I specifically mount them.  I 
don't want ANY of the distros to touch my /boot partition that I created 
with my own version of grub.  (See the Nov. 2005 version of Tux Magazine 
to understand my system).  Most of the OS's are only play toys.  I had 
dapper on one of them while it was in testing, and I still like playing 
with others.  The reason I separate them is so if I trash something, I 
still have a working system.

Does this adequately explain?

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